A Positive brass mold of a indus stamp rather recent century piece.

Classic INDUS VALLEY Harappan Civilization SEAL Stamp from Mohenjo Daro (aka Moenjodaro) 2500 BC Ruins ~ Museum Antiquity Replica Seal is made of Brass.  The seal depicts a tricephalic (three headed) animal with the head of an antelope, unicorn and bull. Probably Vintage PIA Pakistan Airline Souvenir Gift . This appears to be a souvenir given to first class customers. Circa 1970s.Indus Valley Civilization (2900 – 1700 BC) Also known as Bronze Age Civilization.

Flourished on the basin of the Indus River & Ghaggar – Hakra River. Flourished particularly at the river bends that provided water, an easy means of transportation & also protection by way of natural barriers of the river. Along with Ancient Egypt

Researchers showed that this region was subject to climate change during the period when the Indus Civilisation was at its height (2500 BC—1900 BC), researchers said. The civilisation provides a unique opportunity to study how an ancient society coped with diverse and varied ecologies and change in environmental parameters.

The Indus Civilisation was situated close to a deep lake Kotla Dahar, which would have been primarily monsoonal.

It has long been hypothesised that there was variation in the subsistence practices used by Indus populations and this fits with the theme of coping with diverse environments.

Indus Valley seal

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