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In 1996, Tunc and Semra opened their shop İpekyolu-Silkroad, selling their photographs and antique objects, jewellery, miniature arts and ethnic costumes which they collected during their travels, along the ancient historic Silk Road from Turkey to China and old Ottoman geography, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, Mongolia, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Algeria and etc. They have been continuing travelling since then…



We have an eclectic collection of various interests in the shop, displayed with price tags and Certification of Authenticity with expertise of true background information in a pleasant way.

When you visit the shop, you will find many unexpected oriental treasures old and new... You can touch the items you like and ask about them without any pressure to buy.

We believe in fair trade and fair profit, as we come from a traveller’s point of view rather than a trader’s background.

None of the items were bought and put in to the shop with an intention of profit but an appreciation, an enthusiasm and passion of collecting and to share the beauty we have experienced during our meetings with the people of all these countries. We are like a bridge between the items and the people visiting our shop in Kaş.

 Our shop and Kaş
One of our journey from the silkroad

I was born in Istanbul, educated in Naval Academy as a mechanical engineer Naval officer. I worked in advertising after resigning from the Navy and settled in Kaş in 1987. I worked as a carpet retailer and studied the old motif history in Turkic carpets and kilims individually. Since we met with Semra my wife, we have joined both of our enthusiasts and passions, photography and antiques.

I am a creative and curious person in travelling, exploring the unknown and unexpected sides of the journey. Being Turkish and muslim helps me mingling with the crowds and get to know them in their natural habitats. We mostly speak Turkish and English with the people on the silk road. We mostly have a local guide joining us and connect with locals through many family contacts. So now we have a wonderful life.

Tunc Uvendire
Semra Yılmaz Üvendire

I am from the North East of Turkey, Caucasus mountains Kars, having the Turcoman culture in my heritage, harvesting and horse riding in my childhood, though moved and lived in Istanbul. I studied biology human genetics and worked in a lab for 15 years before moving to Kaş and meeting Tunc.

I started photography in 1975 and travelled locally around Turkey exploring the esthetics of nature and local life. I am more a narrative photographer trying to express myself in feeling rather than words.

I was interested in antiques in flea markets and vintage shops since my young years in university,


We find opportunities in travelling enjoying both photographing the ethnic life and buying. Silk road has been one of the most appealing destinations for me. So, now we have a passion to follow.

Writing stories...

Of the people we met along and their mind blowing pasts. The heartmoving memos of the items that have unique personal connections to the families enlightening the journeys of the pieces.

We believe every detail is important in tracing the local cultures and art hidden in these items. Real and living. From the first mouth...

Drinking mint tea from an aged teapot in a side cafe in rural areas is a bonus to gather words for our future exhibitions and seminars regarding the life along the silk road.

Our shop

Our Shop at new Location

Our shop


Do you provide International delivery?


We deliver everywhere that postal cargo reaches. All of our items are delivered safe but low cost delivery. You can choose a courier service which will cost Eur 30.- or free over a purchase limit value. Our carrier service is reliable and fast 3-5 day international delivery services UPS DHL FEDEX. Or you can choose a surface delivery in check out.

How do I return an item?


We have a 7 day return policy. You should contact us in 7 days after receipt of goods. But for international sales, return items can be a problem for Turkish customs. Please get in touch before returning an item. Send an email and give your return reason with your address details. We will fix it for sure. We can only receive items back by people we arrange traveling to Turkey.


What is your return policy?


We can not accept items return back once they leave the country because of Turkish customs regulations. They end up with 100% tax cost to clear them from the customs. So arrangements have to be done beforehand.


Certificate of Authenticity

Authenticated by the related expert, signed and sealed for the goodwill sign of our promise keeping.

How do I track my order?


We use Turkish Postal Service PTT or international courier service for our shipments. We can send you the tracking code of your receipt right away after the shipment. You can track your purchase online.

How can I contact your couriers?

The tracking code we will send you after sending your parcel is a direct information from the postal service of Turkey. You can track the shipment from here. When it is already in your country's borders you will have to use your own national system with the same international tracking code.

if you have chosen courier service, you will be able to track your order from their site direct

What are your delivery options?


All items are shipped with standart PTT national registered post. If wanted, we can use 4-5 business day FEDEX, UPS, DHL, courier services too. But for that type of delivery you must accept the cost on your side and choose this option at check out. Some purchases are free of charge category.

Do you have a guarantee for your items?

We write a certificate of authenticity for our items. It is not just words but a document you can refer to when you want to use it for your insurance or selling... Or just a great way of saying that you care for your gifts.

Free Courier Service Shipping

If your order is over the limits of free delivery you get


Inside of Turkey purchase  over Eur 50.- : free 3-4  business day delivery

Free delivery Worldwide national postal service 3-4 week delivery

Worldwide purchase over Eur 100.- free 6 day courier service delivery.

For more details Please refer to "Shipping" page linked.


You can pay with all of your credit cards without any problems. All cards are welcome. But just for Amex cards, as the transaction should be in Turkish lira the payment gateway doesn't accept it on the site. So please inquire for a payment solution by mail or Wapp so we can send a link for payment for the purchase equivalent of Eur in TL and you can solve the error easily. Sorry for the inconvenience we create...

Türkiye kredi kartları ile alışveriş yapacak müşterilerimizin T.C. yasalarına istinaden, ödeme sayfasında ancak havale opsiyonunu seçerek devam etmeleri gerekmektedir.
Ödeme için alışveriş tamamlandıktan sonra iyziLink gönderilerek kredi kartı ile TL, hatta taksitli alışveriş yapmak mümkündür.


Certificate of Authenticity
Certificate of authenticity with info text
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