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Original Ottoman calligraphy in two color ink, most probably from Bektashi tradition, rather a sketch of a bigger wall piece than a proper work of itself. Corners of the page has torn away but the condition of the piece is well preserved though some folding lines appear on the ground. Experts say this type of calligraphy is a stylized art work that appear in some animal figures such as in this one maybe an owl. It is a half mirror image of wording possibly "Hafiz, The Protector, The Preserver" as we could spot the letter F and Z and H but could be some other wording too as there are several lines appearing to be different letters of the text. So the word is not analyzed yet.

Size 36x39cm

Antique Original Ottoman Calligraphy

SKU: 11147IPK1263
  • Size 36x39cm

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